This is where you get to hear what we think of these remarkable companies. The idea here is to see what we saw and hear what we heard via what we write. This is why we think these companies are not just worthy competitors, but could be a player in the market. All the CRM Idol 2014 judges are the signatories of each and all of the reviews. The idea is that they each cover what is it about the company that we liked, didn't like as much and can suggest for improvement. They aren't guaranteed to be good or bad, just fair. They are, like anything else an influencer says, an opinion and you and the company that is being reviewed can take it or leave it. One other caveat, they aren't comprehensive. They range from about 500 to 1500 words, where a comprehensive review is going to be 5000 words or even more. So, CRM Idol watchers, here they are, for better or for worse. Find out what the judges think of the CRM Idol contestants, here and now.