CRM Idol 2013 Review: BlueCamroo

BlueCamroo is a repeat contestant from last year´s CRM Idol, and from the beginning of their presentation they kept our judges attention at the highest level:

  1. They did their homework extremely well, and converted last year´s judges recommendations into tangible features in their tool and adjustments in their business model. They developed a new single page user interface, built some interesting service packages for customers, and received funding from BDC.
  2. The storyline, preparation, Q&A session and interactive discussion were excellent. We judges could note they invested serious time and efforts to make an outstanding performance.
  3. Intellectual challenging was fun: they created some new wordings like “Social Customer RMS” and descriptions for something that boring like a datamodel  - have a look at the following example of relations between “contacts”

Figure 1: BlueCamroo persona relations
Contacts are converted into Persons, Accounts into Organizations, this is a simple but very effective re-wording of what has been out there for the last 20 years. But not only the re-wording is something to mention, especially the easy way of creating the connections to have a complete customer – persona profile is remarkable. Other vendors oblige you to have an account for each contact, BlueCamroo prefers to leave this flexible in their understanding of a data model. They want to emphasize the importance of people as persons, not as data attributes. That´s why they call themselves a “people- and relationships-focussed system, built on new social-enabled architecture”.

So what does their tool offer? It´s an all in one CRM and Project Management business automation tool for SMBs dedicated to professional services. CRM functionality includes Lead and Opportunity Management, Customer Support, Reporting, Social integration, Task Management and Email Marketing. Business Automation is offered via Project Management, Team Collaboration, Billing and Payment, etc. Actually a crowded market where for instance Zoho found its spot, and some of this year´s CRM idol contestants as well. What makes BlueCamroo different is the availability of well thought, predefined workflows that make onboarding for customers quite easy and comfortable (even if they have to pay for it). Consultants can create projects directly from leads and start tracking them from the moment they are sold, with a complete set of templates already available (from project plans to open issue logs to expense management). BlueCamroo designed these workflows with a focus on solving business operational problems. This is the reason for the long time they needed to have their product out in the market, it actually took them 4 years of development.

Customer service functionality is also available, something other SMB solutions do not include in their core functionality. The figure below shows the nice and clean UI of service functionality and reporting:
  Figure 2 - BlueCamroo customer service dashboard
BlueCamroo has a very good understanding of the market and competition, and convinced us judges with their clear focus and positioning. They have a customer segmentation in place, offering different services to different customer expectations towards functionality and support. You can contract self service or online user support, you can count with a professional service for onboarding or don´t receive any onboarding, it´s actually the customer deciding on what to get for the price paid. Pricing itself is confidential. Leads are mainly generated online via a free 31 day trial version.
Midterm plans include quite ambitious goals in terms of revenue, the concrete figures are confidential but they show double digit growth plans by 2016. Industry focus wants to be expanded to manufacturing, retail and e-commerce, and multi-language shifting from English only to Spanish, French and Portuguese is another aim. Regarding the sales strategy more efforts are planned in finding the right resellers and configuration partners to give excellent service to customers.

All in all we consider BlueCamroo a company to watch out for, their tool is a very good alternative in the SMB marketplace, and their success record so far is impressive for a 9 person company mostly self-funded so far. They not only have a solid customer base (approx. 300 with an average of 12 seats), they even kept themselves in a price-sensitive environment increasing the prices for their tool. We will keep an eye on them.

CRM Idol 2013 Contestant
CRM Idol 2013 Finalist

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Frank Falcone

12/16/2013 - 22:36

Well articulated product positioning. I would like to see a few use case scenarios in the video (e.g. day in the life of how a Sales Rep would use BlueCamroo, etc.)

Philip Maszkiewicz

12/18/2013 - 16:09

Hi Frank. Thanks for your comment.

This is something which we emphasize throughout everything we do. The customers are the most important, and making product positioning clear helps them understand just what BlueCamroo does and how it can help them.

I really like the idea of use case scenarios delivered through videos. Especially a "day in the life" type. We will definitely consider doing a video series like this in the near future.

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