The FINAL CRM Idol 2012 Contestants! The Official List!

As you know, when we announced the provisional CRM Idol 2012 contestants list, we said "it was theirs to lose" and started the full reference check process. We take it seriously and checked the references of the contestants and dealt with the issues that had to be dealt with and took what the references said very seriously - and there was fallout. We lost four companies along the way - two withdrew and two were disqualified. Sad to say.

But, that left us with the FINAL CRM Idol 2012 contestants, who passed the reference checks and will now be the elite companies who are chosen to compete in this event.  Their demo times, places and logins are set.  We'll be publishing the calendar of demos to the site pretty shortly.

Don't forget to check out their contestant microsite here on CRM Idol.  Each of them is well worth looking at. The products they have, the companies they represent make them a great set of emerging technology companies.  

But, in the meantime, because they've been through A LOT and they made it through a totally rigorous and difficult process, please put your hands together for CRM Idol 2012's final contestants for the Americas (42 of 'em) and the EMEA/Asia/Australia market (18 of 'em). 

The Americas

  1. 3CSI
  2. 5Degrees, Inc
  3. AllClients
  4. Apptivo
  5. Awareness, Inc.
  6. Badgeville
  7. BlueCamroo, Inc
  8. CallPro CRM, LLC
  9. Carmel Vision
  10. Compendium
  11. Contactually
  12. Crowdtap
  13. Crushpath
  14. CustomerWinHQ
  15. Demandbase
  16. GreenRope
  17. InfiniGraph
  18. LogicBox Software, Inc.
  19. LoopFuse
  20. Mastersoft S.A.S
  21. Matrix Solutions
  22. Mothernode
  23. Nearstream
  24. NextPrinciples, Inc.
  25. Nimble
  26. Performance Solutions
  27. ReadyPulse
  28. Red Horse Systems, Inc.
  29. Remotia, Inc.
  30. Inter-Solutions S.A.S.
  31. Right On Interactive
  32. Salestrakr
  33. Sequentia Environics
  34. ShopIgniter
  35. Simply Measured, Inc.
  36. Social Dynamx
  37. SplendidCRM Software, Inc.
  38. Sprout Social, Inc.
  39. Totango
  40. ToutApp, Inc.
  41. VIPorbit Software International, Inc.
  42. VirtuOz

EMEA, Asia and Australia

  1. Acidaes Solutions
  2. Arten Science Limited
  3. Artesian Solutions
  4. Atol Business Solutions
  5. Atollon Limited
  6. Camp de Bases
  7. Conversocial
  8. Dimelo
  9. IKO System
  10. Insightera
  11. LeadMaster Australia Pty. Ltd.
  12. OnePage CRM
  13. Pipedrive
  14. QSOFT LLC (amoCRM)
  15. Really Simple Systems
  16. Selfservice Company
  17. Soft Solvers Solutions Sdn Bhd
CRM Idol 2012 contestants