And the Winner of CRM Idol 2013 is....

Okay, the moment has arrived.  We've been at this contest since April of this year and had by far the toughest criteria in the history of the contest.  By far.  We had a great combination of contestants, many of whom were (and are) extraordinary and would be great choices for buyers. We've had a fantastic group of judges - both primary and extended - who worked really hard to get the contest to where it had to be and to mentor the contestants so that they had a shot at success in the CRM Idol competition - and hopefully imbue them with lessons, and practices that would be useful after CRM Idol ended.  

We had five extraordinary finalists, all of whom via their offerings, leadership and value in the marketplace are worthy of being on any short list for technology choice out there. We had five finalists who met a rigorous standard and had a deep vetting and still managed to reach the finals, which says a lot about their company.  They each produced a video that helped drive the largest popular vote in the history of CRM Idol and generated comments of some real substance from the extended judges. 

But, as in anything, there is only one winner in this competition.  So, first, thank you to all five finalists - in alphabetical order:

  1. BlueCamroo
  2. Cirruspath
  3. Mindtouch
  4. Next Principles
  5. UserVoice

We all appreciate what you did and who you are. 

But now, without any further ado, the winner of CRM Idol 2013 is:


Congratulations to Richard White and his entire crew!  If we could give you room to make a speech here we would but in lieu of that...well done UserVoice, well done.

CRM Idol 2013 winner