CRM Idol


This is by no means the complete list of prizes. By the time the contest ends and winners are declared, there will be many more choices than currently exist. In fact, this is the starter set available For the May 6 launch.  There are more exciting things in the works. Plus we also have one that is VERY important but at the donor’s request is not being made public though contestants for CRM Idol will be made aware of it at contest time – privately.  Mysterious, eh? 

 Note that this year, they are once again categorized. How clever are we? Whoa.

There are a couple of rules here for the winners, though we are clearly way ahead of ourselves.

  1. Each winner (Group 1, Group 2) can choose up to six prizes.
  2. When a single provider offers multiple choices, each winner may make one choice from that selection, unless otherwise stated.
  3. When a single provider offers multiple choices, each winner may choose the same one unless otherwise stated. In other words, the Group 1 winner and the Group 2 winner can both get the same thing from the same prize provider.
  4. The prizes must be chosen by December 31, 2013 or they will not be awarded.  The winners need to be proactive about this.
  5. Some prizes are regionally specific as noted.
  6. More as the time comes.

Analyst/Influencer Consulting

This prize category is focused on prizes from analysts and influencers including consulting, webinars etc.

Brent Leary
The winners get one free webinar from CRM influencer Brent Leary for lead generation

Denis Pombriant
The winners get a free day of consulting – 8 hours by phone or FOB (single day) in Boston, MA

Silvana Buljan (EMEA Only)
The winner can:

  • Present their products/tools to a choice selected by the winner of any one of Buljan Consulting’s clients.
  • Get two days of consulting on change management – a huge benefit to deal with your company’s organizational culture.

Paul Greenberg
The winners get a choice of either:

  • One free day of consulting over the phone or in person at my house in VA.  I’ll host the whole day if the winner gets here. ($12,000 value)
  • Free 1 hour webinar for lead generation ($10,000 value)

Esteban Kolsky
One session on messaging, positioning, and go-to-marketing consulting session either on-location (you pay expenses) or via the remote tools (Skype, email, etc.) of their choice.

IDC – Mike Fauscette and Mary Wardley
Get 1/2 day (4 hours) remote/virtual consulting for product bulletproofing and messaging – with IDC star analysts Mike Fauscette, GVP of Software Business Solutions, and Senior Analyst Mary Wardley.

Jesus Hoyos
Any winners who are interested in getting into the Latin American market, will receive 2 hours of free consulting on participating in the Latam market by Latin American influencer Jesus Hoyos.

Ray Wang
One free webinar for lead generation purposes from one of the most influential and astute analysts in the enterprise world. 

Brian Vellmure
The winners will get 4 hours of free consulting via phone from one of the stars in the new Social CRM firmament.

Michael Krigsman
Influencer Michael Krigsman offers two free months of his business consulting services – 5 hours on the phone per month for two months to help determine your business strategy.


For each of the winners, Diginomica is offering a year's 'partner feed' subscription to the winner in (as yet to be decided category) along with 2 hours content mentoring timed at their choice and critical content review/edit of 2 pieces of their creation. 

A partner feed is a valid RSS feed of the winners' choice tied to their business logo. The feed allows the partner to showcase their best and most engaging content. Partner feeds appear in the sidebar on all public facing content pages including the home page, category and single post pages. Partners provide us with the feed of their choice together with a PSD/PNG logo image which we in turn add into the feeds gallery. The beauty of this offering is that smart partners know how to make their position prominent in the feed gallery. For each winner this represents a $6,000 value over the next year on a premium site aimed squarely at technology buyers.  This is a rare opportunity to be associated with and mentored by some of the top thought leaders in the enterprise world. One that shouldn't be passed up. 

Media Prizes

These prizes are for publicity via varying exclusives about the winners.

Sift Media ( will provide an exclusive profile of each of the winning companies via an interview that will also be broadcast in their outbound bulletins and will be made one of the lead stories on the site. 

Social Media Today
Social Media Today, one of the most important digital media properties out there, will provide the winners with a free email blast (value: $10,000). This is a hugely valuable opportunity for an emerging tech company to get in front of a responsive audience.

Exclusive coverage with a full profile for the winning companies on one of the best content driven sites in the CRM world.

Call Center News (Argentina)
For those of you interested in the Latin American market, there is a unique opportunity to get an exclusive featured interview in the well trafficked Argentinian publication Call Center News.

Customer Talk (Netherlands)
Customer Talk is the most prominent CRM media property in the Netherlands.  The winners will each get:

  • A blog post and interview featuring the winner to run on Customer Talk
  • A media campaign for the Dutch market valued at $5000 U.S. on Customer Talk Network.


These are prizes that focus around building the core of the winner's business. The companies and individual here will provide the opportunities for the winner to potentially partner, get financed, get strong mentoring and advice from the most experienced and some of the most prominent companies in the business.

Bain Capital Ventures
The winner of the Americas and the winner of EMEA gets an opportunity to make a presentation for possible investment in front of Tier 1 venture capital firm, Bain Capital Ventures.  This is a huge opportunity, not just because of the possible funding, but because of the skills that Bain Capital Ventures brings to the companies that they invest in. For example, they were an early investor in LinkedIn.

Cognizant, a leading global systems integration and consulting firm is offering the winners a one day workshop on building a successful Social CRM program. It will help you define the Social Intent, identify Social Use Cases and establish a Social CRM roadmap.
The details:

  • Define the Social Intent – The Social intent will articulate the broad outcomes that will be realized with the implementations of the social roadmap
  • Identify and Prioritize a list of Social Use Cases that will bring the quickest and maximum impact
  • Social CRM Roadmap – This will provide a high level roadmap based on priorities defined above. It will also list out the action items and next steps.

Infor, one of the largest enterprise software companies in the world, is offering the winners both:

  • A shiny new iPad and
  • 2 days/16 hours of consulting with Infor CRM Executives in your choice of 2 areas (8 hours each): Sales, Pre-sales/Business Development, Product Management and Development, Product Marketing, Strategic Planning, Direct Marketing.

Hubspot is one of the leading providers of inbound marketing tools and services. Standouts because they actual practice what they preach, Hubspot brings thousands to their events online and offline and has a highly visible presence. Willing to help each winner get there, Hubspot is offering their:

The Inbound Marketing Launch Pack
A half day of sales and marketing consulting with 5 different thought leaders and two free tickets to the INBOUND conference (total estimated value of $5000).  This will be 1 hour calls with the following thought leaders: Mike Volpe (CMO at HubSpot), Mark Roberge (SVP Sales at HubSpot), Laura Fitton (Author Twitter for Dummies), Dan Zarrella (author of Science of Marketing and other books), and David Meerman Scott (bestselling author of New Rules of Marketing & PR and numerous other books).  We will also send you copies of the following books: Inbound Marketing, Science of Marketing, New Rules of Marketing and PR.

Technology Prizes

Marketo, known for it's easy, powerful, and complete marketing automation software will provide the winners with a free six-month subscription to Marketo Spark Edition, with a monetary value of $4500 U.S.  If the winner already has Marketo, or needs a different product package, the $4500 U.S. can be used as a discount for a subscription extension or product add-on.


Infusionsoft, an eminent small business focused sales and marketing automation vendors is offering the winners:

  • 12 months free of the Infusionsoft Plus Edition ($299/mo. value)
  • Kickstart Gold service package, including customized coaching and two completed campaigns ($1,999)
  • Inclusion in the Infusionsoft Marketplace (fees waived)

InsideView is a premier CRM Intelligence tool, supporting sales and marketing decision making. The prize is one year of the Team Edition of InsideView for each winner should they choose this. Well worth it.

  • For 2 winners, All Regions: "CRM Idol Winners Package" for one year (over $7,000 value):

Up to 10 Full Time users
500 Flex hours, for use however you wish
Standard Support (prioritized email support during business hours) 
Quick Start Training and Configuration (3 hours training/configuration)

  • For All Finalists, All Regions: "CRM Idol Finalist Discount" for one year: Friends & Family 50% discount for one year on any products or services

- prizes are subject to the company’s standard terms and conditions.
- Winners and finalists claim their prizes within 60 days of the final winner announcement.

Moxie Software
Moxie Software is the only customer centric enterprise social software company that enables companies – in a single suite— to connect employees, customers and partners to engage in business, share knowledge and collaborate. Moxie Software is offering the winner:
12-month Subscription of Moxie’s Chat Spaces & Engage+ App for Facebook
With so many online shopping options, customers can afford to be picky about where they shop. If they can't find the answers they need, it's easy for them to visit a competitor's site. Live chat software is quickly becoming the preferred communication channel for Web customers, and Chat Spaces provides your customers with an immediate connection to your agents.  Our new app for Facebook Engage+ lets you connect directly with fans on Facebook via chat. 
A One Hour 1-on-1 with Warren Weiss,  Foundation Capital
At Foundation Capital, Warren focuses primarily on investments in emerging software companies — both licensed and software as a service. Warren was named to the 2012 Forbes Midas List of Technology's Top Investors for his work with Silver Spring Networks. He joined Foundation Capital in 2002 with more than 25 years experience in the software industry, including time as president and CEO of four public and private software companies. Most recently, he was president and CEO of Asera, a real-time software solutions provider.