CRM Idol


Alexandrina Hadzhiyska

Alexandrina Hadzhiyska is an ambitious CRM enthusiast who has recently graduated from Royal Holloway, University of London, where she spent her final year researching for and writing her dissertation on Social CRM. After graduating, Alexandrina has been on a mission to expand her plethora of skills and has been involved with great number of ventures, from being responsible for the Marketing and Social Media for a small startup, to Conference Producing and gaining hands-on customer service experience in Luxury Retail. These experiences have armed her up with knowledge, passion and motivation, and have also made her even more interested in investigating the social aspects of CRM, and businesses in general.

In her spare time, Alexandrina is a devoted tech admirer and passionate reader. 

Mirka Triznova

Mirka Triznova is a business and marketing PhD graduate from University of Matej Bel in Slovakia, the class of 2012. She majored in customer relationship management. Her dissertation was focused around finding the ideal contemporary model for CRM at a company.  She is experienced in customer service (in Spain and Slovakia). She is currently teaching at the Technical University in Zvolen in Slovakia, with a specialization on marketing, while helping to run her family business as well.

She lives in Liptov, near the mountains, enjoys trekking on those mountains, and also dancing, music, and travelling.

“It doesn’t matter if you take small or big steps, the more important thing is to walk.”

Friderika Wollweber

Friderika graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing from the London College of Fashion last summer. She is currently working for Prada at Selfridges where she concentrates on building long term relationships with her customers. She has a deep understanding of exceptional customer service while being able to identify every customer’s needs. She is very interested in new media and is keen to develop a career in CRM.

Friderika is happily married and enjoys travelling with her husband. As fashion is one of her main interests, along with photography, she has been successfully writing her fashion blog since 2010. You can find her on LinkedIn or under her blog site "Fashion Seduction".

Friderika is very enthusiastic about working with CRM Idol this year again.

Eva Armborst

Eva Maria is a passionate Communications graduate, who has finished her degree in Communication Management and Public Relations at the Macromedia University for Media and Communications in Cologne, Germany. Her final Thesis on Social CRM designed recommended actions for planning and implementing a Social CRM program.

Working in Germany and Canada, Eva gained experience in Social Media Marketing, Project Management, PR and Advertising.

She spends her free time with her dog and loves traveling and photography.

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Petar Panayotov

Petar Panayotov is a business and marketing graduate from Royal Holloway, University of London and works in an international media agency, where he is an intern on one of the best accounts around whole London. But most importantly, he is very enthusiastic young man with bright ideas for the future and ever growing interest in the communications industry.

While working on the CRM Idol 2012 project, he met some extraordinary business visionaries, who introduced him to the concept of social business. And now, he is even more excited to meet and work with the new contestants and the judges. 

In the spare time Petar enjoys outdoor activities, being around friends and bunch of other little things that make his days nice.

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