UserVoice by UserVoice


Customers and companies effortlessly connecting with one another—imagine that!
UserVoice's holistic approach to customer engagement gives users one-stop-support and businesses a suite of unified touch points for interacting with, serving, understanding and retaining users.
Combining feedback, support, knowledge management, satisfaction ratings, and analytics, UserVoice creates the positive feedback loop that companies need and that users expect.

About UserVoice

UserVoice is the leading provider of customer engagement tools for web and mobile app–based businesses. Engage users early and often with UserVoice’s holistic approach to user feedback, support, knowledge management and satisfaction ratings. UserVoice helps companies to understand their users, keep them happy, reduce support costs, deploy informed products and increase customer retention. Easy to set up and even easier to use, UserVoice embeds directly in web apps, websites, iOS and Android apps, and Facebook pages - going where users already are. Join the more than 120,000 organizations—Rackspace, SwiftKey, Microsoft, Zynga, HipChat, to name a few—using UserVoice to listen to their users’ voices. For more information and to get started for free today, visit